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With 25 years of helping businesses with their custom software development and support, we know how to make technology that lasts and adapts with time. We understand every company has custom business processes that enable it to deliver differentiated products and services to its customers. It is these processes we can help improve to increase productivity with custom software that automates a business’s unique operations.

Our Services

Business Software Development

We specialize in solving business operations problems with custom software development that is built and deployed using industry standards. We also create custom software solutions that integrate seamlessly with your current legacy software system.

Website Design

PolinDigital can design and build a custom website that reflects the sharp, successful brand you’ve worked so hard to build. A website that will give potential customers confidence in your products and services, while making it easier to do business with you. Moreover, a site that is easily found on Google and loads quickly without testing users’ patience.

Data Integration

Data integration is the process of taking data from multiple sources and combining it to achieve a single, unified view. The product of the consolidated data provides users with consistent access to their data on a self-service basis. It gives a complete picture of key performance indicators (KPIs), customer journeys, market opportunities, etc. PolinDigital has helped many companies consolidate disparate data sources into one coherent data view.
Project Management

Software Development Project Management

We can oversee and manage a software project to ensure it’s delivered on time and within budget while meeting user expectations. All our Project Managers are PMP Certified and hold a wealth of project management experience.

Our Process

Our development process is simple and efficient. Our goal is to deliver software of the highest quality while using industry standard best practices. Here are our basic project steps that wrap around an “agile” software development approach.

1. Initial Consultation

It all starts with a phone call or GoToMeeting session. This is a no pressure phone call with a senior project manager to understand your goals.

2. Develop requirements & estimate

Next, we will work with you to define the goals and parameters of the project. If the project is relatively small, then we can define everything up front, otherwise, we proceed with an agile development methodology. Estimates contain line items for each task, so you know how we arrived at the bottom line.

3. Approve Estimate & Start Work

Once the requirements document and the estimate have been approved, we execute a standard consulting agreement. Next, we have a kick-off meeting to coordinate logistics, get access to your systems and make introductions to the key players. Then work gets underway.

4. Develop, Meet & Refine

We can host the application on our test servers or on yours. We notify you of updates and when you can test—usually every week or so. Status updates are given at least weekly, and GoToMeetings are scheduled as needed to demo and review work. All time is tracked in our online time tracking system.

5. Test, Accept & Deploy

Once the application has been thoroughly tested and accepted, we push the application into your production system after regular business hours and then test again.

6. Maintain & Expand

Often, refinements are needed as an organization starts using a new application. We keep your application's development environment ready for modification in our test environment. If you come back months later, we can immediately jump on your request. Consider us your outsourced IT department!

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